For the Vegan Activist at Heart

We use only water based Vegan inks - Organic sweatshop free apparel

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We print on demand

We print our Vegan clothing on demand to reduce waste and protect our planet. All designs are lovingly screen printed by hand with vegan inks on organic, sweatshop free apparel. Our labels are Peta Approved Vegan, Fair Trade Certified, and Organic Certified by GOTS.

  • For the Planet

    Animal agriculture contributes significantly to climate change, deforestation & water scarcity. By choosing to be vegan, you will be contributing to a cleaner environment.

  • For the Animals

    Using animals for food, clothing etc., causes horrific suffering & the death of billions of animals every year. Being vegan is the best way to "vote with your dollar" for a more peaceful world.

  • For your Health

    It's widely accepted that eating plant-based can reduce the risk of many major health conditions. However, the adverse impact of animal agriculture on humans reaches far further, affecting less developed countries, slaughterhouse workers, their families and communities.

A Note On Shipping

Please be patient after placing your order. To give you the lowest possible price and the most ethical Tee, we print your Tee on demand. This is done Internationally at the only Company we could find that used vegan inks, printed on demand & used ethical apparel. Believe me you won't be dissapointed when your oprder arrives!